Stop bugzilla bot from marking issues as "RESOLVED ARCHIVED".

Anton Shestakov av6 at
Fri Mar 1 03:25:49 EST 2019

I think the bot has certain rules that are generally more helpful, such
as bumping issues that need to be confirmed or urgent issues. I only
know that these rules exist because I've been browsing around the
bugzilla or am subscribed to some of such issues. I really think there
needs to be more transparency in what the bot does; i.e. the code needs
to be published somewhere where people can see it. It's not public yet,
is it? I couldn't find it on m-s.o/repo.

That would show what happens to certain types of bugs after a certain
amount of time, and also open a way to send patches or at least point
to a specific line that needs improving.

Regarding the "RESOLVED ARCHIVED" status, I also find it annoying
sometimes: for feature requests and for certain less popular
components. There 150 days is often not enough. The message can also be
improved by saying (for issues) something like "please test this on the
most recent version and don't forget to update the version property".
And, if it's applicable, the bot could ask for information that's not
filled in when bumping or archiving. Perhaps time to archive could also
depend on how well understood/documented the issue is (e.g. how many
fields are filled), which usually correlate with how nice it is to
work on that issue (and how appreciated the work of its reporter should

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