D5961: copies: add test that makes both the merging csets dirty and run w/o error

martinvonz (Martin von Zweigbergk) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Mon Mar 4 01:54:37 EST 2019

martinvonz added inline comments.


> test-copies.t:524
> +  $ echo baba >> b
> +  $ hg ci --amend -m "added d"
> +

Could you change the message here to "added d, modified b"? (Also see my next comment for why I care)

> test-copies.t:526
> +
> +  $ hg log --git -pG --hidden -T "{rev}: {node|short} {desc}\n {phase} \n\n"
> +  @  4: d70f3e12cfd9 added d

The output is very verbose. Does `hg l --hidden` (using the same alias as tests above) give enough information (given that the commit messages are useful).

> test-copies.t:584
> +  $ hg up 2 -q
> +  $ hg graft -r 4 --base c9241b0f2d5b --hidden
> +  grafting 4:d70f3e12cfd9 "added d" (tip)

Can you s/c9241b0f2d5b/3/ here so we don't depend on the nodeids? I'm hoping to add another #testcases case to this file where copy metadata is stored in the changeset and that will necessarily affect the hashes.

> test-copies.t:588
> +
> +  $ hg log --git -pG -l 1 -T "{rev}: {node|short} {desc}\n {phase} \n\n"
> +  @  5: 54ee32fbd09a added d

This also seems like unnecessarily much information. I'd like to at least remove the nodeid for the reason mentioned above. Actually, won't just `hg diff --git tip` have enough information?

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