D5940: uncommit: make experimental.uncommitondirtydir to work on PATH (issue5977)

pulkit (Pulkit Goyal) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Mon Mar 4 06:55:06 EST 2019

pulkit added a comment.

  Can you also fix the commit message of the patch?
  Once you get the patch for the new flag, and fix commit message for this one, we are good to go.


> navaneeth.suresh wrote in test-uncommit.t:421
> I'm up for anything. I can send a follow-up suggesting the new flag. Pushing this will fix an existing bug and the follow-up will be on replacing the experimental config option `uncommitondirtydir` with the flag `--allow-dirty-working-copy` on working with PATH. But, I once tried that and failed to work. Do flags support hyphen in names? This may sound trivial. But, I need to know this. I'll wait for a confirmation message from you before working on this further.

@navaneeth.suresh can you send the patch adding the flag also. You can also send that patch based on this patch. Yes flags do support hypens in names. The hypens are converted to underscores. So you would need to do `opts['allow_dirty_working_copy']`.

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