Making hg 5.0 as beta release with python 3 support.

Pulkit Goyal 7895pulkit at
Mon Mar 4 11:25:14 EST 2019

Hey everyone,

I hope everything is going well.

After years of work on porting mercurial to Python 3 by everyone, we are
close, very close. Right now, only 5 tests fail on python 3 and there are 4
regressions (tests which were passing earlier and started failing
recently). Few days ago, I installed mercurial using Python 3 as default
mercurial on my personal system. Things are working good. Things which I
have noticed not working are:

1) phabricator extension
2) curses interface
3) out of core extensions like evolve, topic

I will try to fix 1) and 2) this week.

That said, I will like to propose to mark the upcoming major release hg 5.0
as the beta release with Python 3 support. We have more than 50 days before
that release. We can:

1) start testing python 3 more aggressively by having more people install
hg on py3 by default
2) advertising that next release will be py3 beta will give enough time for
extensions author to port their extensions
3) help/advice/guide extensions authors on how to port their extensions to
Py3 while keeping py2 compatibility

How do you feel?

Thanks and regards
Pulkit and Gmail autocomplete assistant
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