[PATCH 18 of 18 "] verify: also check full manifest validity during verify runs [RFC]

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> 1e978412397a
> verify: also check full manifest validity during verify runs [RFC]
> Before this changes, `hg verify` only checked if a manifest revision
> existed and
> referenced the proper files. However it never checked the manifest revision
> content itself.
> Mercurial is expecting manifest entries to be sorted and will crash
> otherwise.
> Since `hg verify` did not tried a full restoration of manifest entry, it
> could
> ignore this kind of corruption.
> This new check significantly increases the cost of a `hg verify` run. This
> especially affects large repository not using `sparse-revlog`. We might
> want to
> put it behind a new flag like `--full`. Another way to look at this would
> be to
> offer a `--quick` flag that disable it. In particular, since `hg recover`
> runs
> verify, this could impact users.

A slow `hg recover` is already painful for us whenever we run it. So we
decided whatever happen, we will never Ctrl+C a hg process.

That said, what are the cases which can lead to unsorted manifest
revisions? It will be worth putting them in commit message.
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