European mini-sprint in April

Boris FELD boris.feld at
Tue Mar 19 06:06:57 EDT 2019

Hello everybody,

Early April, we will have a small Mercurial gathering in Paris. The
initial motivation is to work on tooling, workflow, and documentation
needed for modern Mercurial hosting and collaboration.

We have been trying to schedule it a couple of months and we ended
selecting from Thursday April 4th to Sunday April 7th. Logilab will
nicely host us for 4-5th, the Saturday hosting is being finalized,
Sunday will be at Mozilla Paris.

Logilab made an announcement about the mini-sprint: Please register in the
survey ( in order to anticipate
the number of people.

Since the 5.0 sprint has been canceled, we will probably cover a bit
more topics than initially planned. We have a dedicated pad for
discussing the sprint topics and taking some notes:

Feel welcome to join us!

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