D6142: automation: perform tasks on remote machines

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  In https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/D6142#89492, @mharbison72 wrote:
  > I don't know anything about PowerShell or AWS, but this series looks nice for making Windows easier to deal with.
  > What was the problem with python3 tests?  I've been able to run them locally (though a bunch fail with py3 issues).
  It had something to do with the MSVC environment not being "activated." I believe link.exe couldn't find rc.exe or something like that. I suspect this is a distutils limitation or something in our setup.py not playing well with Python 3. It probably isn't too difficult to fix - I just haven't spent the time on it yet.
  > I've been hacking on and off with running tests under WSL.  I'm not sure if that will help any of this.  It's tantalizingly close, but there are path style issues that `WSLENV` and `wslpath` can't fix.  (e.g., sometimes $TESTTMP is written to an hgrc file in Linux format, and hg.exe can't understand that.)
  I thought about configuring WSL in the base environment. But I figured that would be best left as a follow-up since WSL isn't well supported at the moment and I didn't want to spend time going down that rabbit hole.
  > Any plans to port this to the TortoiseHg codebase?  I don't have the bandwidth to try anything in the near term, but don't want to duplicate effort.
  I reached out to Steve Borho about the recent packaging work. I believe I offered support to port thg-winbuild to the new mechanism. I don't believe I've heard back yet. I would not be opposed to moving some/more of the TortoiseHg packaging bits into the core distribution. I'm not sure how others feel about that. I definitely want to make TortoiseHg packaging as simple as possible and buffered against upstream changes.

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