D6324: help: register the 'gpg' command category and give it a description

Sietse (Sietse Brouwer) phabricator at mercurial-scm.org
Tue May 7 13:32:04 EDT 2019

Sietse added a comment.

  **NB: I was wrong about extensions not using helpcategories. I checked something different than I thought I had. They do add categories to their commands.**
  Currently (i.e. after this patch stack, because it has been accepted) the hierarchy (in the man page / HTML help) is like so (ignoring the fact that man pages flatten the last few levels of the hierarchy due to less levels). As you can see, even when a command has an existing category the command will be displayed in that category **nested underneath the extension,** rather than merged into the existing command category. As long as that arrangement is used, I'd say it reduces the value of re-using existing command categories.
    - Repository creation
        - clone
        - init
      - Next category ...
        - more commands ...
    - absorb
      - Commands
        - Change creation
          - absorb
    - acl
      - Commands
        - more categories ...
          - more commands ...
    - more extensions...
      - Commands
        - more categories...
          - more commands...
  Perhaps something like this would be better. It would group by category; extensions could add commands to existing categories; commands from extensions would be marked as such.
    - Working directory management
      - status:        show changed files in the working directory
      - summary:       summarize working directory state
      - update:        update working directory (or switch revisions)
      - next (evolve): update to child commit, evolving history if needed
      - prev (evolve): update to parent commit
  Is this still the right medium for this discussion? I'm naturally interested because I read the code recently, but I don't want to overwhelm you with bikeshedding.

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