Google Summer of Code 2019.

Pulkit Goyal 7895pulkit at
Thu May 9 08:45:34 EDT 2019

Hi everyone,

Hope you are doing well.

The results for summer of code are out. We have two students working with
us this summer.

1) Taapas Agrawal will be working on implementing `hg continue`, `hg abort`
commands and also `hg update --continue`.

2) Navaneeth Suresh will be working on implementing functionality to store
unresolved merge state

Both the students are pretty active in the community and already
contributed good number of patches and hence don't need any kind of welcome

Sushil, Sangeet and me will be mentoring both of them. The primarily role
of mentors is to integrate students in the community. So, only we three
talking and helping students will not be sufficient.

Community Bonding period has started, so I strongly recommend discussing
projects with the students.

Thanks and Regards
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