[PATCH 01 of 10 STABLE] py3: decode payload of notify email

Denis Laxalde denis at laxalde.org
Sat Oct 26 03:59:30 EDT 2019

Gregory Szorc a écrit :
> test-notify.t and test-keyword.t seemed to have regressed on Python 3.7
> with this series. Compare
> https://ci.hg.gregoryszorc.com/job-info/hg-committed-a2ff3aff81d244685cf2f25a1ee92f379d1d115c-debian10-cpython-3.7-0#failed-tests
> with
> https://ci.hg.gregoryszorc.com/job-info/hg-committed-416041f97cc333b9a1bf04d10b5502ac78a3f33d-debian10-cpython-3.7-0#failed-tests.
> I'm not sure if that is due to an incomplete series landing or what.

Some failures were due to incomplete landing. But now everything
has landed:


There are still issues with the "Message-Id:" header in both
test-notify.t and test-keyword.t. I missed that because this only occurs
with a long hostname, that makes the header value exceed 75 characters.
I'll look into this.

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