[PATCH 4 of 4 STABLE] packaging: ship only a single binary Debian package

Denis Laxalde denis at laxalde.org
Sun Oct 27 13:29:35 EDT 2019

Julien Cristau a écrit :
> On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 05:22:22PM +0200, Denis Laxalde wrote:
> > packaging: ship only a single binary Debian package
> > 
> > We merge the mercurial and mercurial-common binary packages into a
> > single mercurial package. This is essentially to ease installation (and
> > upgrade) using a simple "dpkg -i" command. This also simplifies
> > debian/rules by removing arch (in)dependent cleanups during
> > installation.
> > 
> > We have the mercurial binary Breaks: and Replaces: mercurial-common so
> > that the latter will be removed upon upgrade.
> > 
> Diverging from the debian packaging this way is super bad, means you
> can't cleanly go back to the debian-provided version.  And the provided
> rationale seems quite dubious to me.

Can you elaborate on "super bad" and "can't cleanly go back"? As far as
I can tell, after having install the in-repo single binary package,
running "apt install mercurial/stable" works fine and gives back the
debian-provided version.

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