[PATCH 2 of 2 STABLE] py3: use native strings when forming email headers in patchbomb

Denis Laxalde denis at laxalde.org
Wed Oct 30 14:10:28 EDT 2019

Yuya Nishihara a écrit :
> > Nevertheless, I still think this change here is worth. I'm fine if it
> > goes into default or if it waits after the release. Just let me know the
> > plan.
> I also want to remove this TODO, but I don't think inserting many
> strfromlocal()s is the best way to do that. Maybe we'll need some helper
> to cope with py3's new mail API?

I agree, all these strfromlocal() are not nice. At a first glance, I'd
say we should use native strings whenever possible, but there probably
are details here and there...

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