D7856: revlog-native: introduced ABI version in capsule

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Tue Jan 14 06:05:35 EST 2020

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  Concerns that an inconsistency could arise between the actual contents
  of the capsule in revlog.c and the Rust consumer have been raised after
  the switch to the array of data and function pointers in f384d68d8ea8 <https://phab.mercurial-scm.org/rHGf384d68d8ea8ab97e83a65f45cb6894c634c43c4>.
  It has been suggested that the `version` from parsers.c could be use for
  this. In this change, we introduce instead a separate ABI version number,
  which should have the following advantages:
  - no need to change the consuming Rust code for changes that have nothing to do with the contents of the capsule
  - the version number in parsers.c is not explicitely flagged as ABI. It's not obvious to me whether an ABI change that would be invisible to Python would warrant an increment
  The drawback is that developers now have to consider two version numbers.
  We expect the added cost of the check to be negligible because it occurs
  at instantiation of `CIndex` only, which in turn is tied to instantiation
  of Python objects such as `LazyAncestors` and `MixedIndex`. Frequent calls
  to `Cindex::new` should also probably hit the CPU branch predictor.

  rHG Mercurial





diff --git a/rust/hg-cpython/src/revlog.rs b/rust/hg-cpython/src/revlog.rs
--- a/rust/hg-cpython/src/revlog.rs
+++ b/rust/hg-cpython/src/revlog.rs
@@ -7,14 +7,17 @@
 use crate::cindex;
 use cpython::{
-    ObjectProtocol, PyClone, PyDict, PyModule, PyObject, PyResult, PyTuple, Python, PythonObject,
-    ToPyObject,
+    ObjectProtocol, PyClone, PyDict, PyModule, PyObject, PyResult, PyTuple,
+    Python, PythonObject, ToPyObject,
 use hg::Revision;
 use std::cell::RefCell;
 /// Return a Struct implementing the Graph trait
-pub(crate) fn pyindex_to_graph(py: Python, index: PyObject) -> PyResult<cindex::Index> {
+pub(crate) fn pyindex_to_graph(
+    py: Python,
+    index: PyObject,
+) -> PyResult<cindex::Index> {
     match index.extract::<MixedIndex>(py) {
         Ok(midx) => Ok(midx.clone_cindex(py)),
         Err(_) => cindex::Index::new(py, index),
diff --git a/rust/hg-cpython/src/cindex.rs b/rust/hg-cpython/src/cindex.rs
--- a/rust/hg-cpython/src/cindex.rs
+++ b/rust/hg-cpython/src/cindex.rs
@@ -10,12 +10,15 @@
 //! Ideally, we should use an Index entirely implemented in Rust,
 //! but this will take some time to get there.
-use cpython::{PyClone, PyObject, PyResult, Python};
+use cpython::{exc::ImportError, PyClone, PyErr, PyObject, PyResult, Python};
 use hg::{Graph, GraphError, Revision, WORKING_DIRECTORY_REVISION};
 use libc::c_int;
+const REVLOG_CABI_VERSION: c_int = 1;
 pub struct Revlog_CAPI {
+    abi_version: c_int,
     index_parents: unsafe extern "C" fn(
         index: *mut revlog_capi::RawPyObject,
         rev: c_int,
@@ -66,9 +69,20 @@
 impl Index {
     pub fn new(py: Python, index: PyObject) -> PyResult<Self> {
+        let capi = unsafe { revlog_capi::retrieve(py)? };
+        if capi.abi_version != REVLOG_CABI_VERSION {
+            return Err(PyErr::new::<ImportError, _>(
+                py,
+                format!(
+                    "ABI version mismatch: the C ABI revlog version {} \
+                     does not match the {} expected by Rust hg-cpython",
+                    capi.abi_version, REVLOG_CABI_VERSION
+                ),
+            ));
+        }
         Ok(Index {
             index: index,
-            capi: unsafe { revlog_capi::retrieve(py)? },
+            capi: capi,
diff --git a/mercurial/cext/revlog.c b/mercurial/cext/revlog.c
--- a/mercurial/cext/revlog.c
+++ b/mercurial/cext/revlog.c
@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@
 } nodetreenode;
 typedef struct {
+	int abi_version;
 	int (*index_parents)(PyObject *, int, int *);
 } Revlog_CAPI;
@@ -3037,6 +3038,9 @@
 #endif /* WITH_RUST */
 static Revlog_CAPI CAPI = {
+    /* increment the abi_version field upon each change in the Revlog_CAPI
+       struct or in the ABI of the listed functions */
+    1,

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