Kernel "make clean" kills repo

Nathan Lutchansky lutchann-mercurial at
Sat Aug 6 21:23:52 CDT 2005

So, I did a cursory search of the mailing list and didn't find anything 
about this, and Google didn't find anything, but I can't believe I'm the 
first person to run into this:

    [~/hg] $ hg clone linux-2.6 linux-make-test
    [~/hg] $ cd linux-make-test/
    [~/hg/linux-make-test] $ ls -l .hg/data/.hgtags.d
    -rw-r--r--  2 lutchann users 238 Jul 26 13:52 .hg/data/.hgtags.d
    [~/hg/linux-make-test] $ make clean
    [~/hg/linux-make-test] $ ls -l .hg/data/.hgtags.d
    ls: .hg/data/.hgtags.d: No such file or directory
    [~/hg/linux-make-test] $

The kernel clean target removes all files in the tree starting with . and 
ending with .d, which trashes some files in the repo and makes Mercurial 
fairly unhappy.

This doesn't just happen to me, right?  Is there a workaround?  Or do the 
kernel makefiles need to be fixed?  -Nathan
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