hg remove implicit for whole tree commits?

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Sun Aug 7 01:58:27 CDT 2005

* Robin Farine <robin.farine at terminus.org> [20050807 02:56]:
>   - commit without -A or --force fails in presence of files
>     'hg status' flags with 'D' (as per above) or '?'

Having ?-files shouldn't cause the commit to fail, but missing files

>   - commit -A fails when there are no changes on the working
>     directory but otherwise handles 'D' or '?' files appropriately
>   - commit --force accepts empty changesets and succeeds in presence
>     of 'D' or '?' files but ignores them
>   - commit -A --force accepts empty changesets and takes care of
>     'D' or '?' files

These three are fine, and I think it already works this way.


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