error in doc/hg.1.txt

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Sun Aug 7 10:56:08 CDT 2005

* TK Soh <teekaysoh at> [20050807 13:48]:
> Feel free to comment on the attached 1st draft of the changes on hg.1.txt:
>    1. removed -d from global options


>    2. use "command [OPTION]... " format for all affected
>       commands except diff.

Now that we're getting more and more options, this might be the only

>    3. correction on description for ci -l.

Oops, correct.

>    4. added missing options to some commands.


> IMO, the arguments to command options should use the same all-capital-letter
> convention also. Let me know if you want me to clean them up.

Just do here what you think is the best way for the man page. Final
decision is still Matt's.

> I also noticed the online help for some commands, such as annotate, aren't
> observing the same convention. Probably need to clean up too.

Online help is 'hg help annotate' or some web page?

'hg help annotate' looks good to me, maybe you've misread the --rev
long option.

> -'hg' [-v -d -q -y] <command> [command options] [files]
> +'hg' [global options] <command> [command options] [files]

Maybe better:

Global options can be specified directly after 'hg', but they can be
after the command, too. But I don't think the user needs to know
this details. If he puts all options after the command, everything
will be fine.

> -add [options] [files ...]::
> +add [OPTION]... [FILE]::

It's [FILE]..., because you can specify more than one file.

> +annotate [OPTION]... [FILE]...::

Here better FILE..., because you have to give at least one file.

> -import [-p <n> -b <base> -q] <patches>::
> +import [OPTION]... PATCH ...::

PATCH... (without space)

Additionally this is an example where there are only few options, so
hg import [-p NUM] [-b BASE] PATCH...
would have given more useful information.

> -locate [options] [files]::
> +locate [OPTION]... [FILE]::

Though this may be true for many commands, now that the new walking
code is more used.

> +pull [OPTION]... [SOURCE]::
> +    Pull changes from repository SOURCE to a local one.

Looks much better than before, as SOURCE may be local, too.

I didn't apply this yet as you said it is only a draft. Just say if
you think it is ready to be included.


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