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Vadim Lebedev vadim at mbdsys.com
Mon Aug 8 15:20:13 CDT 2005

Matt Mackall wrote:

>On Mon, Aug 08, 2005 at 09:19:22PM +0200, Vadim Lebedev wrote:
>>I'm getting following when trying hg push and interrupting it after a 
>>mionute of inactivity
>>pushing to ssh://ada//usr/local/reposit/eXosip.hg
>>remote: bash: line 1: lock: command not found
>>remote: Killed by signal 2.
>Very odd. We send a "lock" command to the remote hg and it's getting
>picked up by the shell somehow. The remote hg seems to be bailing out
>or failing to execute.
Ok, thanks for the tip, i've sorted this out....
i had a newgrp command in my .bashrc which created a fork bomb for some 

Actually maybe this is something we should think about...

In my setup we have several developpers working with the centralized 
repo at
machine ada:   The repo is:  /usr/local/reposit/eXosip.hg  as you could 

Were using Mandrake 10.x linux...  some of the developpers are using ada 
machine as their developement machine  and have cloned eXosip.hg in 
their home dir....

The problem that in order to be able to do hg push  the pushing user 
must have write access to the shared repo  so i've created a user group 
called develop and added all devloppers to that group and of coarse 
established write changed group ownership of the shared repo to this group

But (at least on Mandrake) when you create a new user it is 
automatically added to newly created group which has the same name as 
the user  and even if later user is added  to  another  group the  
default login group is the  original  one....   Hence my hack with 
newgrp develop in my .bashrc  file...
(thinking some more about it i've should be adding this to .bash_profile 

It seems that the only way to have this stuff working correctly is to 
change default login group for
all people who are pushing to the central repo,  which is a PITA....

Any ideas?


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