Kernel "make clean" kills repo

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Tue Aug 9 08:20:38 CDT 2005

* Kevin Smith <yarcs at> [20050809 14:44]:
> Chad Netzer wrote:
> >This could become a problem for other projects that adopt Mercurial, and
> >are using GCC to auto-generate dependencies.  Typically, these
> >dependency files are generated with the .d suffix, and are often deleted
> >as part of the Makefile 'cleaning' process.  Furthermore, the cleaning
> >commands will most likely, naively, just delete all .d files, borking
> >the Mercurial repository.  .i files also have a similar problem, as they
> >may be autogenerated, and thus, auto-deleted.
> Given the catastrophic results, it seems worth considering changing from 
> .i and .d to some rarer extensions. If the results were merely confusing 
> or inconvenient, or if the only problem were with some obscure 
> development tools or processes, I would be less concerned.

What about looking at RCS and friends and using ,i and ,d?


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