apache repository setup

Andrew Thompson andrewkt at aktzero.com
Wed Aug 10 13:06:18 CDT 2005

John Evans wrote:
> thanks andrew (and matt). I tried looking at newgrp/sg and /etc/group 
> etc for a
> while now, and am stuck with not understanding the above command.  
> sg/newgrp does
> not take an argument of a command following, just gives you a new 
> login-like shell (FAICT).
> so, when i do a "sg dev_group_name /usr/bin/hg-0.6b $*", then the hg 
> portion
> of the command is ignored, and i have a new shell prompt with new group
> permissions.  i can then type exit to get back to my original shell 
> with old group
> permissions.  man newgrp isn't helping.  i can add "sh" in front of 
> the sg and move
> the hg command to another line in the shell script as follows:
> #!/bin/sh
> umask 002
> sh sg dev_group_name
> /usr/bin/hg-0.6b
> but i think that adding the sh defeats the purpose of the "sg" command 
> itself.
> hmmm. so, i am not sure how to use sg/newgrp as you indicate... thanks
> for any specific sg usage info here.

Can you mail me the output of this command(the file sgmanpage)?

man sg > sgmanpage

Also, I'm curious exactly the output of the following few lines(you can 
run them from a normal login):

touch somefile-me
sg dev_group_name touch somefile-devgroup
ls -al somefile*

What shell are you using? bash, ksh, ash, zsh, csh, etcsh ;)

Andrew Thompson

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