Clearing up the backlog

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Sun Aug 14 06:46:12 CDT 2005

* vseguip at <vseguip at> [20050814 13:25]:
>  Just include the locale module and things should work, if not I will
> take a look at it (although it will probably not be soon enough for
> the 0.6c)

I don't want to include i18n in 0.6c, because there have to be more
changes than in your previous patch to make this consistent. Some of
these changes are in your other patch, and in my local version, too,
but done in a different way there.

0.6c should go out asap, and the changes needed for i18n should be
tested more careful before rushing them out in a release, otherwise
it might break things for people not even using this.

I'm sorry for not publishing my work earlier, but I'll do soon.


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