.hgignore regexp question

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Wed Aug 17 06:25:14 CDT 2005

* Thibault North <tnorth at bluewin.ch> [20050817 11:56]:
> I am trying to configure my .hgignore to ignore backup files, which have
> this syntax :
> <filename>.<extension>~

I'd rather say: fullfilename~

> Here is what I did:
> - - Creating a .hgignore file in the repository's root.
> - - Editing it and adding :
> \..+~$

This looks ok and works for me, but you can simply use:

Maybe you have a space at the end of line?

Try this again with the current tip version, it throws away hidden
stuff at the end of lines and copes with files without newline at
the end.


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