Clonning only from version and diff before pulls

Daniel Santa Cruz byteshack at
Wed Aug 17 09:02:17 CDT 2005

This question has been answered indirectly, but for my sake and some
other people maybe I can get the sanctioned way to go about doing it.

I have a repository called "upstream" which does just that.  There are
no local changes ever made to that repo.

Before doing an "hg pull" in "upstream" I can now do a "hg incoming"
to discover what revisions I will be getting.  This does not allow me
to see the actuall diffs, correct?

"upstream" is now up to date.  I would like to make some changes to
files in it in a new repository called "sandbox".  I go ahead and do
an "hg clone".  But "hg clone" gets me a new repository that has all
the revisions that were in "upstream".  I don't really care about past
revisions.  What would be the correct way of doing this?  I would
definately like to trac changes on "sandbox" until they are ready for
commit, but having a fullblown copy of the "upstream" repo seems like
a total waste.

I keep "sandox" sync'ed with "upstream" by periodically making sure
that I'm not straying too far away from it.  Is there a way for me to
see what I would be pulling (doing a diff) before I actually do the
pull?  This would allow me some control over what gets put into my
"sanbox" repository.

It's fun to see how Hg is moving right along!  Great work!

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