Add support to multiple repositories

Goffredo Baroncelli kreijack at
Wed Aug 17 11:39:56 CDT 2005

Hi all,

this is my last attempt to add in mercurial a support for multiple repositories.
This patch add another cgi script ( invoked by apache ) which generates an index
pages of several repositories.

The repositories directories are supposed to be:


And so...

My script has to be installed under web-root/, they search in every subdir if a directory
called .hg exists and if so generates an entry in the index web pages.
Moreover if a file named exists in the subdirs, my script extracts some 
information  ( author, email... ) which will be used in the web index pages.

The script is under contrib/multiple_index.cgi; they has to be renamed in according
to the apache naming rules ( index.cgi for examples ) and moved in
the web-root.

My script generates only the web index page of the repositories, they doesn't generate 
the pages of a single repository. For this case the old hgweb.cgi is used.

Following this email there are 3 patches:

- the first one add the contrib/multiple_index.cgi; this is the core of the patch
- the second one add some things to the template directory
- the third one add an examples of the in the contrib direcory

An examples of use of my script can be view on
( Those repositories are not sync'ed )

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