Clonning only from version and diff before pulls

Daniel Santa Cruz byteshack at
Wed Aug 17 15:45:53 CDT 2005

> > One of the features of Hg is cloning by hardlinking. If your upstream is
> > on the
> > same filesystem as your working copy, you only use space for your actual
> > current working copy, and the .hg/ files that have been changed by local
> > commits.

Call me hard-headed, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do
this clone operation so that my new repo is still a hg repo, but only
with the tip on it... help... please :)

> >> I keep "sandox" sync'ed with "upstream" by periodically making sure
> >> that I'm not straying too far away from it.  Is there a way for me to
> >> see what I would be pulling (doing a diff) before I actually do the
> >> pull?  This would allow me some control over what gets put into my
> >> "sanbox" repository.
> You seem to be operating with an eternal sandbox. Would it be possible
> for you to shift to a mode where every time you began work, you would
> clone a fresh copy of upstream as your new sandbox? The case where this
> wouldn't work is if you have patches that have not yet been accepted
> upstream. That case seems to be exactly the target of the MQ extension,
> although I haven't actually worked with it yet.

I create sandboxes every time, that's not a problem.  I like to think
of them as pseudo-branches (pseudo, because they don't need the whole


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