Patch pooling? (was: Clonning only from version and diff before pulls)

Kevin Smith yarcs at
Thu Aug 18 07:57:48 CDT 2005

It looks like this part of my message may have been lost in the noise. 
Any thoughts on it?

Kevin Smith wrote:
> Would there be any way at some point to have some kind of "patch pool" 
> in mercurial? Something similar to an ArX (and presumably GNU arch) 
> archive, or a GIT alternate directory? Based on my terrible 
> understanding of the hg repo format, I'm guessing it would be difficult 
> if not impossible. But I would love to hear otherwise, even if it's only 
> theoretical.

Another related option that might accomplish most of the same 
functionality would be to allow ArX-style remote branches, where recent 
history is in the current repo, but it points to some other repo as a 
continuation for older history.

Either of these would allow truly cheap branching on any system.



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