Ability to download given revision as one zip file.

Wojciech Miłkowski wmilkowski at gazeta.pl
Thu Aug 18 22:36:01 CDT 2005


First I want to thank Matt and all of those who are contributing to 
Mercurial. It's very promising tool, and I chosen it already for my job.
I spent last few hours hacking a little on it, and I implemented ability 
to download given revision of tree via hgweb as zip file.
I think it can be useful for those, who are interested in trying 
particular revisions but don't want to download whole repository that is 
useless for them.
On the other hand I'm aware of problems that may occurs on big 
repositories like Linux kernel. That amount of data may simply kill 
servers, when people start to massively use and abuse it.
In that case it should be an option to disable this feature.

What do you think about it?


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