Ability to download given revision as one zip file.

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Fri Aug 19 00:16:44 CDT 2005

* Wojciech Mi?kowski <wmilkowski at gazeta.pl> [20050819 05:37]:
> First I want to thank Matt and all of those who are contributing to 
> Mercurial. It's very promising tool, and I chosen it already for my job.
> I spent last few hours hacking a little on it, and I implemented ability 
> to download given revision of tree via hgweb as zip file.
> I think it can be useful for those, who are interested in trying 
> particular revisions but don't want to download whole repository that is 
> useless for them.

Very useful indeed!

The TODO list on http://www.serpentine.com/mercurial/index.cgi?ToDo
already has the item "download tarball via web interface", and the
zip download is coming very close to that.

> On the other hand I'm aware of problems that may occurs on big 
> repositories like Linux kernel. That amount of data may simply kill 
> servers, when people start to massively use and abuse it.
> In that case it should be an option to disable this feature.

Yes, and I'm reluctant to rushing this in just before the next
release. I think after the 0.6c release we can put this in and sort
out all possible problems, add .tar.{gz,bz2} support and make the
downloadable formats configurable in the new [web] section of hgrc.

Though I don't know when 0.6c is due, this is Matt's decision :)


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