tarball support v0.3

Wojciech Milkowski wmilkowski at interia.pl
Mon Aug 22 16:24:27 CDT 2005


I'm slowly improving support for tarballs in Mercurial. Attached patch 
is made against current tip in Matt's repository - f859e9cba1b9, and 
contains everything done so far.

- gzip and bzip2 tarballs are sent immediately without writing to 
temporary files (I was wrong Matt, it can be done very easy)
- hgrc customization, you can choose which type (if any) you will support

There's no easy way to support compression levels, since TarFile open() 
assume that it is 9. I tried to use gzopen(), and bz2open() methods 
instead, but it seems that headers of generated archives, are missing or 
wrong. We could eventually try to rewrite tarfile.py and include our own 
version into Mercurial, but I don't know if it's good idea...


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