merge awkwardness

Matt Mackall mpm at
Mon Aug 22 18:19:09 CDT 2005

On Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 05:08:20PM -0500, Hollis Blanchard wrote:
> I've got a problem I don't understand, so maybe I'm just doing something 
> wrong...
> I've got a Xen branch that I'm trying to merge up to the latest Xen upstream.
> 	# get branch
> 	hg clone
> 	cd xenppc-unstable.hg
> 	# pull in latest upstream changes
> 	hg pull
> At this point I have two options, "hg update -m" or "hg update -C". -m drops 
> me into vi for a whole ton of files I haven't changed in my branch, so that 
> seems wrong. See for yourself:
> 	hg update -m

Seems you've not got any of the normal 3-way merge tools available.
$EDITOR is the last fallback of the hgmerge script. You'll probably
want one of merge (from RCS), tkdiff, or kdiff3 (recommended).

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