hg verify: 'unknown compression type'

Bart Trojanowski bart at jukie.net
Mon Aug 22 21:16:03 CDT 2005

* Matt Mackall <mpm at selenic.com> [050822 22:07]:
> Ahh. I thought it was a literal '?', which is what my mailer is
> showing me. Are -all- the question marks the same 0xFE? That would
> point to some sort of systematic problem.

They are all 0xFE, but it's also all the same file.

> The interesting thing about this is it appears to be inserted at the
> beginning of a file in a revision that was part of the original repo
> commit. We only ever append to a file or copy it outright, so there
> aren't any good explanations as to how this repo worked at one point
> and then broke.
> What filesystem are you using?

This repository is on an NFS mounted drive.  The actual filesystem on
the server is ext3 software RAID 0.  There are many layers that could
have caused errors, although I have not had other issues with this

If I see anything else I will post it.

Should I cleanup all the other /raise *"/ occurances?


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