[PATCH]os.WIFxxx not suported on windows

Volker Kleinfeld volker.kleinfeld at gmx.de
Mon Aug 22 14:36:31 CDT 2005

same as for the py2exe patch to avoid dos line ending:

was a bit to fast. The only thing I did was to run the
patch through dos2unix. At least on windows this seems
to break the patch (I guess on unix as well).

Now I run the changed source files through dos2unix, commit,
export: which generates ok patch files it seems.


> patch is update and attached.

> It's good to conserve indentation levels. Please change:
> if x:
>   return
> else:
>   ...
> to:
> if x:
>   return
> ...

>> Hi,
>> when util.system fails "explain_exit(code)" is called. This method uses
>> os.WIFxx which is not supported on windows. Attached a small patch fixing
>> it.

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