hg commit doesn't catch changes made during editing of commit messages

Michal Kvasnica kvasnica at control.ee.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 24 11:56:56 CDT 2005


I have noticed following problem:

$ hg init hgtest
$ cd hgtest
$ echo line 1 > a
$ hg add a
$ hg commit

here my editor (jmacs) starts and I can enter the commit message. While
still in the editor, I modify file "a" in second shell:

$ echo line 2 >> a

after this I quit the editor, commiting the changes.

$ hg cat a
line 1

so "hg commit" using the external editor didn't catch the changes made
during editing the commit message. Is this the desired behavior? If it
is, then the following:

$ hg diff

should certainly show the second modification. But it doesn't.

I am using the latest tip:
Mercurial Distributed SCM (version 31dcaf9123ba)


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