Slides from Foo Camp talk

Kevin Smith yarcs at
Mon Aug 29 08:47:46 CDT 2005

Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> I gave a talk on distributed SCMs at this year's Foo Camp.  It was
> pretty well attended.  There were some other distributed SCM hackers
> there (Bram Cohen, one of the SVK guys too), but the audience was mostly
> people using CVS, Subversion and other centralised tools.
> I've attached a PDF copy of the slides, in case anyone cares to take a
> look.  They're not technical in nature, and don't concentrate on
> Mercurial; they're more of the form "here's why you should be interested
> in this stuff, and what you can play with".

Nice presentation! You seem to have captured the current state of the 
distributed SCM world pretty well. I don't quite agree with every single 
opinion, and you omitted at least one worthy tool from the list (ArX), 
but those are minor quibbles.

It would be great if you could post this on the web somewhere so we 
could easily link to it.


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