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Tue Aug 30 02:30:41 CDT 2005

--- Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at> wrote:
> * TK Soh <teekaysoh at> [20050830 08:05]:
> > I renamed it to, and updated both script and
> > tcsh_completion with licence header in the attached patches. Please help
> check
> > them in if you are okay with them.
> They look better now, but on a last check before pushing it to the
> real tree (running the script and using 'hg diff' to see the
> differences) I found a small bug, which doesn't happen on Solaris,
> but on Debian GNU/Linux (sarge):
> The generated tcsh_completion shows an error:
> complete hg \
>   'n/--cwd/d/' 'n/-R/d/' 'n/--repository/d/' \
>   'C/-/(-R --repository --cwd -y --noninteractive \
>     -q --quiet -v --verbose --debug \
>     --traceback --time --profile --version -h \
>     Usage: /bin/echo [OPTION]... [STRING]... \
>     Echo the STRING(s) to standard output. \
>     ...
> First problem: This obviously doesn't work.
> Second problem: It didn't tell me that there was a problem.

Sorry I forget to test the script on my Redhat box, which saw the same problem.
The thing is that I used the xargs trick that would call /bin/echo to group the
global options, but echo on Linux support more options than that on Solaris, so
the global option were translated into the options to /bin/echo.

I update the script and tcsh_completion to get rid of the xargs when capturing
global options. Please give a try again, just to be sure.

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