[RFC] usability of mercurial

Jordan Breeding jordan.breeding at mac.com
Tue Aug 30 14:07:36 CDT 2005

I have some questions/comments about actually using mercurial on a day to day basis, some of these may have been covered on the list before but I thought I would get all of my current ideas into one place.

 - Will there eventually be flags to support mercurial actually doing the copy/unlink operations in the workingdir when doing `hg copy` and/or `hg remove`?

 - Will there ever be support for `hg rename` which could either use the new forced support for copy/remove always, or could use them optionally with its own force flag?  This way if you want to move file one to file two you could do `hg rename one two` or `hg rename -f one two`.

 - Based on the above taking place at some point I think that it would be nive if `hg log -v` could list "Added Files:", "Removed Files:", "Renamed Files:", and "Modified Files:" whenever each type of operation is present in that changeset.

 - It would also be nice in my opinion if mercurial had support for directories.  It would be nice if the copy/remove/rename support from above also worked on directories.  Ideally I would like to be able to do `mkdir one; hg add one;` and have it actually work.  I think that if this put in place and the `hg log -v` changes from above are acceptable that `hg log -v` should also list "Added Directories:", "Removed Directories:" and "Renamed Directories:".  I don't necessarily think that "Modified Directories:" would be neccessary as modifications to directories would really be add/remove/rename of a file, which would already be listed.

Are any of the above items so controversial that they will never happen?  If they are, what is controverial about them?


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