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Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Tue Aug 30 23:25:33 CDT 2005

* Ling, Xiaofeng <xiaofeng.ling at intel.com> [20050831 04:24]:
> Thomas Arendsen Hein <> wrote:
> > You can do this: Use 'hg co -m' to merge the heads and after this 'hg
> > revert -r tip' to make the working directory look like the unmerged
> > tip was before. Now commit.  
> I'm confused about this, if use hg revert -r tip, the current working directory 
> will become tip revision, won't that lose all the merge change?

Yes, this is how to hide a head.

The node isn't lost, you can still checkout this node and start a
new branch there, creating another head here.

> I had some try, but seems I've not understood all the processing yet.
> I do:
> hg qinit
> copy /a.patch .hg/patches
> edit .hg/series and add a.patch
> hg qnew a.patch
> now seems the patch became a new revision.
> then
> hg qrefresh    
>     error, python trace
> hg strip		
>     error, python trace
> seems I need to study more.

As I do ... haven't had time to use it yet.


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