Emacs integration - an overview

Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Wed Aug 31 10:18:48 CDT 2005

A couple more comments:

When using Gnu Emacs, exiting view mode with `q' doesn't get rid of
the buffer (e.g. for log, status, help, etc).  It looks like the Gnu
Emacs behaviour depends on how view mode was started.  Maybe you want
to use view-buffer for Gnu Emacs?

Any chance the keystrokes could be put into one keymap, maybe one
bound to something easy to type like `C-c C-c' or `C-c C-v'?  If they
were all on one keymap, then the user could easily set a single
keystroke for that keymap (a function key, for example).  The only
keys that are used for both local and global commands are a, l and =.
If you replace = with d (which is also easier to type), then you could
use capitals for global and lower case for local.

Finally, the help overview lists `C-c h l' as being bound to hg-log,
but it is hg-log-repo.

Thanks so much for this great tool!  It's very nice to have.


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