[ANNOUNCE] (H)gct 0.3

Fredrik Kuivinen freku045 at student.liu.se
Tue Nov 1 13:36:36 CST 2005


Version 0.3 of (H)gct, a GUI enabled commit tool for Git and
Mercurial, has been released and can be downloaded from

Thanks to Vincent Danjean there are Debian packages available at

Screen shots and a Git repository with a gitweb interface are
available at the project homepage, http://www.cyd.liu.se/~freku045/gct

The major changes compared to v0.2 are:

* File filter, show only file names which contain a specified string.
* Make ignoring files actually work.
* A new option, --one-shot, which makes (h)gct exit after the first
* Support for new versions of git.
* An Hg extension which makes hgct better integrated with Hg. See
  README.HG for details.

- Fredrik

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