Is there a plan to suport hg clone -r ?

Eric M. Hopper hopper at
Thu Sep 1 00:49:05 CDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 22:01 -0700, Bryan O'Sullivan wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-09-01 at 12:49 +0800, Xiaofeng Ling wrote:
> > generally if I want abandon some local changesets, I had to
> > clone a remote tree again or have a backup before.
> > And if I want to start some work on an early revision and hope to
> > see a clear hg log without later changesets, seems no way.
> > I don't know whether it is difficult to implement?
> It's not that hard to do; I think that some of Chris Mason's mq code
> does more or less what you describe.

On a related tangent...

One thing I often end up doing while developing is checking out a local
repository, then thrashing the code around a bit in different directions
until I have what I really want, then checking it back into the main
repository.  It would be sort of nice if I had a way of specifying a
line of changes that are all linearly linked with no branches and tell
Mercurial to 'summarize' or 'compress' them into one change.

There is one problem I see with this...

You can't know what some remote repository has branched from.  So you
may be destroying a node that they were linked to in their local copy.
And that would mess things up if you ever came back together.

Hmmm...  I'm going to have to think about this a bit.

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