Is there a plan to suport hg clone -r ?

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Thu Sep 1 09:27:10 CDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 22:49 -0700, Eric M. Hopper wrote:

> On a related tangent...
> One thing I often end up doing while developing is checking out a local
> repository, then thrashing the code around a bit in different directions
> until I have what I really want, then checking it back into the main
> repository.  It would be sort of nice if I had a way of specifying a
> line of changes that are all linearly linked with no branches and tell
> Mercurial to 'summarize' or 'compress' them into one change.

You can do something very similar to this with mq.

> You can't know what some remote repository has branched from.

Actually, it's not hard to figure out.  We just don't provide a
mechanism to let you see the GCA (greatest common ancestor) of two
branches or repos yet.


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