Problem: Emacs hg-mode can override VC keys

Bryan O'Sullivan bos at
Thu Sep 1 13:29:59 CDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-09-01 at 19:11 +0100, P V wrote:

> But please hear me out.  After all, mercurial.el broke VC before I
> broke it.

I have one more thing for you to consider before you try a second patch:
vc forked years ago, when GNU Emacs and XEmacs split off.  The two
versions are hugely incompatible now.

By all means, please do try to fix mercurial.el so that it works with
vc.  If your patches are reasonably clean, don't stomp on existing
mercurial.el functionality, and they work with both the GNU Emacs and
XEmacs versions of vc, I'll be delighted.


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