Problem: Emacs hg-mode can override VC keys

Jari Aalto jari.aalto at
Fri Sep 2 01:43:14 CDT 2005

| > I have one more thing for you to consider before you try a second patch:
| > vc forked years ago, when GNU Emacs and XEmacs split off.  The two
| > versions are hugely incompatible now.
| >
| > By all means, please do try to fix mercurial.el so that it works with
| > vc.  If your patches are reasonably clean, don't stomp on existing
| > mercurial.el functionality, and they work with both the GNU Emacs and
| > XEmacs versions of vc, I'll be delighted.
| > 
| > 	<b
> That explains your reaction, I guess.  Now I remember this problem--I
> switched away from XEmacs several years ago.
> The problem, as you probably know, is that the XEmacs VC can't support
> out-of-tree backends like GNU can.  FWIW, rumor on xemacs-beta was
> that an update was in progress, but it has yet to materialize.
> In the meantime my Emacs isn't happy. :( Since almost all of my the
> changes are additions, I can put about two "unless hg-running-xemacs",
> a few lines of refactoring, and it will work.  But I guess that
> doesn't count as clean?
> I really would like to solve this and be able to use Mercurial in
> Emacs.  If it doesn't work out, that's not ideal but OK, I can
> maintain a private fork and keep quiet. :)

Can you make thre repository available for public, since I would have
also interest in GNU Emacs integration. Maybe I can help with the
integration and testing as well. 


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