add -d and -s to show/set default paths

TK Soh teekaysoh at
Tue Sep 6 19:57:21 CDT 2005

--- Matt Mackall <mpm at> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 04, 2005 at 10:52:31PM -0700, TK Soh wrote:
> > Thought it should be more convient than having to manually edit
> > hgrc, and user shouldn't need to be aware that symbolic name
> > 'default' carries a special meaning. Though I seemed to recall Matt
> > saying it's bad to have Hg editing the file.
> Yes, it is.
> The syntax for .hgrc is non-trivial. Thus, hg should not be editing
> it. Creation is an exception to this rule as there's no user-created
> content there to mangle.

I just saw your other post on .hg/hgrc regarding local tags. Shall we consider
a special hg-editable rc file for holding the default repo path? Or we can
simply make it another rc file maintained by hg, so that we can stuff more
settings into it, in anticipation of Hg's future growth? We can even move the
local tags into it, so that we don't need to have zillion rc files running
around in .hg directory.

I think I must be getting annoyingly persistent on this topic ;-)

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