on binary export and import

TK Soh teekaysoh at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 7 06:35:49 CDT 2005

--- Matt Mackall <mpm at selenic.com> wrote:
> Then you probably want to roll back to Mercurial 0.4 or so, which had
> this feature via debugchangegroup and debugaddchangegroup.

Found it on 0.5b.

> What's really needed here is to decide on a nice symmetrical syntax.
> The old way worked like this:
>  hg debugchangegroup a983776bcf fed938290 > changes.hg

what are the revs referring to?

>  hg addchangegroup < changes.hg

Any reasons why these commands were remove? And, can they be reinstated, as
least to serve as some sort of interim solution, until the official support has
been added?

Also, will addchangegroup ignore changsets already in the importing repo?

> What we want is something like:
>  hg push -o changes.hg http://remote/hg/
>  hg pull changes.hg
> But I might also want to do:
>  hg pull http://remote/changes.hg
> This lets people publish all their changes in a static form without
> publishing a whole repo (at the expense of possibly having to download
> the whole thing every time)

Seems like an interesting idea. But again, the push/pull mechanism won't work
for me, at least when it requires accessing the remote repo. If I had been able
to use http, this feature wouldn't be necessary. I guess a more refined
mechanism based on debugchangegroup and addchangegroup will serve better

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