mq mercurial repository available

Ling, Xiaofeng xiaofeng.ling at
Thu Sep 8 10:58:23 CDT 2005

seems feature 3,4 already there!

Ling, Xiaofeng <> wrote:
> Chris Mason <mailto:mason at> wrote:
> good, I'm just thinking that if we have these enhanced commands,it
> will be perfect. 
> 1. hg qimport <patch1> <patch2> ...
> import exist patches to manage by mq.
> it just do like:
> hg qnew patch1
> patch -p1 <patch1
> hg qrefresh
> ... more patches
> 2. hg qimport can import description , user etc.
>     hg qnew/qrefresh can add description.
> 3.hg qpopall
> 4.hg qpushall
> 5.qpush can use three-way file merge, this can help a lot.
>    hg qpush -m <revid>
>  it will call hgmerge for revid, parents, parents+patch then we can
>  have 6. hg qmove <revid> it just do like  hg qpopall  hg qpush -m
> <revid>  hg qrefresh  .... deal with more patches. 
> then we can easily move a serial of patches to new base revision.

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