mq mercurial repository available

Ling, Xiaofeng xiaofeng.ling at
Thu Sep 8 20:24:19 CDT 2005

Chris Mason <mailto:mason at> wrote:
> On Thu, 8 Sep 2005 23:43:51 +0800
> "Ling, Xiaofeng" <xiaofeng.ling at> wrote:
> 1) Make the changegroup and strip code clean enough for Matt to merge
> 2) Add the concept of subrepositories to Mercurial.  .hg/patches would
> (optionally) be under revision control, but as a separate repository.
> push/pull/clone of the main rep would include the .hg/patches rep as
> well. 
Yes, this is also what I'm feeling needed.
Maybe as a frist step, we just need a simple command like 
hg qbackup 
it copies the patches in current queue to .hg/patches/revid/
revid is the base rev for current .hg/patches/1211-4644df4944ff

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