[BUG] hg copy not working correctly under windows

Daniel Santa Cruz byteshack at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 17:05:17 CDT 2005

Sample test run...

c:>mkdir Sample
c:>cd Sample
c:\Sample>hg init
c:\Sample>mkdir a
c:\Sample>mkdir a\aa
c:\Sample>mkdir a\aa\aaa
c:\Sample>echo "fileA" > a\aa\aaa\fileA
c:\Sample>mkdir b
c:\Sample>mkdir b\bb
c:\Sample>echo "fileB" > b\bb\fileB
c:\Sample>hg add
adding a\aa\aaa\fileA
adding b\bb\fileB

c:\Sample>hg commit -m "initial load"
c:\Sample>move a\aa\aaa\fileA b\bb\fileA
c:\Sample>hg copy a\aa\aaa\fileA b\bb\fileA
c:\Sample>hg status
R a\aa\aaa\fileA
R b\bb\fileA
? b\bb\fileA        <---- Hmmm... there should be no [?] or [R] for this file?

c:\Sample>hg manifest
ff726174cd08347ee7e2db89c732ee8300fbf3d6 644 a/aa/aaa/fileA
0929f4288c3e898c68b60e87d4b2f4cb3581d269 644 b/bb/fileB

c:\Sample>hg debugstate
n 666         10 09/14/05 17:57:28 a/aa/aaa/fileA
n 666         10 09/14/05 17:57:42 b/bb/fileB
a 666         10 09/14/05 17:57:28 b\bb\fileA
copy: a\aa\aaa\fileA -> b\bb\fileA            <---- More / and \ nastiness above

See if this makes any sense to you all.

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