[RFC] remove/copy enhancements

Jordan Breeding jordan.breeding at mac.com
Thu Sep 15 12:00:24 CDT 2005

Hello for the rest of the email I will reference this output

27 jbb at cloves /tmp > mkdir jbb_test
28 jbb at cloves /tmp > cd jbb_test
29 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > ls
30 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg init
31 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > touch one two; mkdir -p three/four five/six; touch three/four/seven five/six/eight
32 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg status
? five/six/eight
? one
? three/four/seven
? two
33 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg addremove
adding five/six/eight
adding one
adding three/four/seven
adding two
34 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg commit -m "initial commit"
35 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg status
36 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg remove three
removing three/four/seven
37 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > ls
five/  one  three/  two
38 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > ls three
39 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > ls three/four
40 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg revert
41 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg cp three ten
copying three/four/seven to ten
42 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > ls -al ten
-rw-r--r--  1 jbb swtest 0 Sep 15 11:54 ten
43 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg revert
44 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg status
R ten
? three/four/seven
45 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg update -C
46 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg status
47 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > ls
five/  one  three/  two
48 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > find .
49 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg help cp
hg copy [OPTION]... [SOURCE]... DEST

mark files as copied for the next commit

aliases: cp


 -I --include  include path in search
 -X --exclude  exclude path from search
 -A --after    record a copy after it has happened
 -f --force    replace destination if it exists
 -p --parents  append source path to dest
50 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test > hg cp -p three ten
abort: with --parents, destination must be a directory
51 jbb at cloves /tmp/jbb_test >

Sorry, that was probably a little long winded.  The main problems I have are:

1) If, during a remove, a directory tree becomes empty and the remove command was issued using that directory (eg. `hg remove three` above), I think that we should prune the empty directory tree as we do for updates.

2) It seemed to me that `hg cp -p` would work like `cp -R` and that it would create the new directory structure for me.


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