absolute and relative paths with ssh

Zbynek Winkler zwin at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Sep 16 07:42:23 CDT 2005


could the documentation/code be updated regarding working with ssh? The 
current doc says that valid path for push is


but it does not say, if the path is absolute or relative to home 
directory. According the description I expected an absolute path but I 
am getting path relative to the home directory instead.

hg push ssh://zbynek@host/www/repo

pushes to directory /home/zbynek/www/repo while

hg push ssh://zbynek@host//www/repo

pushes to directory /www/repo at host.

I think that '/' as a separator between the host name and the directory 
is confusing unless the resulting path is absolute. scp by default works 
with relative path unless given '/' at the start and uses ':' to 
separate host from path. Maybe hg could do the same?


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