hg to track file permission

Ollivier Robert roberto at keltia.freenix.fr
Fri Sep 16 08:44:59 CDT 2005

According to Eric M. Hopper:
> Now, this doesn't have to actually be in the core of Mercurial,
> interestingly enough.  The filter code could be used to do it instead.
> All that would really be required would be hooks into copy and rename so
> the filter code could alter the meta-data then too.  But, I'm not sure
> if that idea is brilliant or ugly.

Not ugly in itself but may be ugly to implement...  The manifest file has
some of the information (permissions) but not the user/group (which is of
less interest to us as generally a tree belongs to one developer) so I see
it more in the core but it may require too many changes to implement.

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